Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008_09_14 Wendy McNeil at the Artery

Wendy McNeil is a chameleon on stage. I look at a series of photos, and wonder how they can possibly be all of the same person. Her sound though, is unmistakable. I've spent many recent evenings at the Artery photographing the Poetry Festival, so I've got to know the place a bit (although they wouldn't let me upstairs, but that's another story -- something about a green door I suspect...). Tonight I heard the music of Wendy McNeil.

Wendy is magic. 'A Dreamer’s Guide to Hardcore Living' is the name of the CD. And she lives hard-core. Her next shows are in Calgary at the Ironwood, followed by Toronto, Montreal, Zug - Switzerland, Vaningen Sundsvall - Sweden, many other cities in Sweden, finishing up in October in France and Norway. When does she sleep?

There was actually significant crossover between the audience at the Poetry Festival, and the Wendy McNeil show. Wendy is a poet. In sound and words.

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