Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009_04_19 Donna Durand at Second Cup 124 St

Donna Durand, from Red Deer, paired up with Tony Mellor on bass to present some of her own songs, and a few covers on a relaxing Sunday afternoon at the Second Cup on 124th St.

Second Cup cafes in Edmonton seem to be presenting music more often - and it's great to see local and not so local artists have another place to present their music and meet & greet the public.

Donna has a quiet presence, on and off stage. Like listening to someone in your living room. Tony provided excellent non-intrusive rhythm support. Donna's songwriting shows her rural roots, with that familiar 'at home' feeling. I had a very busy Sunday, having just arrived back in Edmonton - and her music helped me to slow down and chill out for a few minutes.

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Donna Durand

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009_04_15 Rubberband Wednesdays at Hulberts

Wednesdays... Midweek.... Evening comes and you are 'over the hump'. Time to PARTY! Why wait for the weekend, do it now!

Rubberband, Wednesdays at Hulberts is a party. Fun and games, singing, dancing, karaoke, trivia.. I arrived late, but the party was still going strong after 10:00 pm. Somehow, Rubberband stretched the closing time at Hulberts.

When is an open stage more than an open stage? When everyone gets into the act. Hulbert's owners were both hatted up and in full spirits - and I even caught one of them singing.

Wednesdays keep coming, and again, and again... check it out. You'll come away smiling.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

2009_04_23 Poetry Festival

Edmonton Poetry Festival's "POFEST" is well underway after a delightful literary pre-evening last night. Six authors read from their newly published works at Talonbooks.

The readings included drama - Kevin Kerr's 'Studies in Motion', to music - "I love you Osama' by Adeena Karasick, to ?what was that? sound musicproesetry by bill bissett and dialogue from 2088 (if memory serves me correctly, I didn't drink too much wine), by Garry Thomas Morse as well as, of course, poetry as well, from rob mclennan.

The readings were enthusiastic and colourful, the setting was warm and intimate. It was a great opportunity to meet some new artists, and greet some old friends.

Today, and the rest of this week, you can catch more poetry at Poetry Central, 11:30 to 1:30 at the Stanley Milner Library in Sir Winston Churchill Square. I dropped in for a few minutes this afternoon to catch a bit of the buzz, pick up the schedule and of course get some photos.

Check out the festival schedule at the Poetry Festival Site, there's soemthing for everyone.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Emma Cook, Kalsey Kulyk and Chloe Albert at the Blue Chair Cafe

Wednesday nights at the Blue Chair.. Harold serves up a mix of music and musicians. Relax, listen, meet friends and of course the food is great. Even if I do usually have rice and beans. Over time, I've sampled everything on the menu. On Wednesday the feature was rack of lamb... yummmy. And spicy carrot soup, and.... mulligatawny... but it's hard to have two favourite soups before dinner.

Emma Cook, Kalsey Kulyk and Chloe Albert - three young singer-songwriters, three cities and three unique sounds.

Chloe Albert (Edmonton) mixed it up with Honey Bee - trading the guitar for a drum accompaniment on Honey Bee. Chloe is one of those unfortunate artists affected by the 'local talent' syndrome. An artist has to work so much harder to be recognized in her home town. Chloe has a beautiful voice and interesting songs.

Newcomer Kalsey Kulyk (Beaumont) entertained us with songs and stories from her life and family. Kalsey is one of Rhea March's U22 singers - and Rhea has a way of finding, and supporting our emerging talents. Kalsey has a powerful voice and interesting lyrics.

Emma Cook (Ontario) had many of us discussing her voice and her songs - jazzy, with a hint of a young Joni Mitchell. Her voice leaps up and down the scales, from sultry to sailing. Emma is a singer I want to follow as her 'voice' grows and changes.

The Blue Chair is one of those places where you can meet the musicians, listen to their music and talk to them again in the break. My kind of place.

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Blue Chair Cafe
Chloe Albert
Emma Cook
Kalsey Kulyk

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rhea's Birthday at Little Flower Open Stage - Fiddler's Roost

I had heard via Facebook that many would be celebrating Rhea March's birthday at the Little Flower's Wednesday night open stage. Wednesday was my first night back in town after almost a year of travelling around the province, country and continent, from Lethbridge and Saskatoon to Buenos Airies and Ottawa.. I made a point of dropping by - although I didn't stay too late -- still on Ottawa's time zone.

I was please to see many new faces, and lots of familiar old faces at Fiddler's Roost. Bernie has re-arranged some of the furniture since I was last there, creating some nice private spaces on one side, and a more open arrangement near the door. It also appears that the stage lighting is improved, making for nicer photos.

The music was eclectic, as always at Little Flower events. Blues, folk, vocals and instrumental. The evening moved slowly - people were visiting friends, exchanging hugs and gifts with Rhea. A very pleasent Wednesday evening, and only two bucks!

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Little Flower Open Stage
Fiddler's Roost