Thursday, July 3, 2008

2008 Calgary Jazz Festival

Patrick Maiani invited me down to photograph the Calgary Jazz Festival - how could I refuse? It was impossible to see everything. In one case I hopped on my bike, cruised over to Knox United for a single shot of Jean Vanesse and Miroslav Vitous, and raced back to Jack Singer. I do have lots of photos, which will be posted gradually as I can get to them. I am falling farther and farther behind in my photo posting since I retired. Seems the more time I have, the busier I get.

I was eager to see Beady Bell, and enjoyed her performance and music. I've heard her on CKUA many times - and it was great to meet her and listen to a live performance.

My hilite of the festival was Pink Martini - a bit more that a jazz band (many would say they are not a jazz band. But any band with a singer who performs in Portugese, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian/Italian, and of course English is a hit in my books. They opened with Bolero, gave us my personal favorite 'Eugene' - and Marcia bought me a CD for our wedding anniversary. However, Pink Martini did not allow any photos - I had to sit still and enjoy the music. There were lots of cameras flashing but my 'no flash' camera was at my feet. Of course I did get the two opening acts - Meaghan Smith, and Rob Young with is Big Beat Band.

The jazz on Stephen Avenue was fun. I took my bike and cruised around during the breaks - even managed to get over to Sled Island for a listen (very, very loud).

On our wedding anniversary, we took time out for dinner in a Greek restaraunt - and then caught Cheryl Fisher at the Cantos Music Foundation. She keeps getting better and better. Look for a new CD in the fall.

On Saturday, CKUA's Don Berner hosted a live show at Ironwood - I took my mom for brunch, music and photos.

On the last day, we had a collision of Dixie and wedding. Eric Ellison's dixieland trio was cruising the avenue, when a wedding limo arrived for a downtown photo shoot. Of course I have lots of photos of bridesmaids doing the chicken dance etc.

Here are the photos, more will be posted as I can get to them.

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