Sunday, July 6, 2008

2008 Edmonton Street Performer's Frestival

On Friday night I spent a few hours at the Edmonton Street Performer's Festival and got some amazing pics from some amazing shows. I have posted some selected photos, and will post more as time permits.

Flying Bob shot an egg into the sky, catching it in his hand - then higher for a spectacular 'catch'.

I only saw a bit of the Space Cowboy. I still can't believe anyone can ride a 6 foot unicycle (or was it higher), juggle three knives (different types) BLINDFOLDED. And he didn't drop a single item! He also does some spectacular sword swallowing that will have you feeling a bit strange.

Betty Brawn - the strongest lady alive will amuse and amaze with her strength and banter.

Nice to see Freshly Squeezed at the Street Performers. I have seen and photographed them around town a few times. They are getting stronger and stronger. Check out the spectacular back-flip shot in photos.

I also got some pics of the various wandering minstrels, musicians and strange beasts. We've had a bit of rain the past few days - hopefully that will clear up give us all a sunny show.

Watch for the 10:00 o'clock “Troupe du Jour” variety show, every night.


Street Performer's Website

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