Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 Canadian Chess Championship

The 2009 Canadian Chess Championship is in Edmonton this week, round 7 today at 6:00 pm in the Delta hotel. After 6 rounds we have a very close battle, with GM Surya Ganguly in first place, followed by 12 players currently tied in second place. One of the 12 is Edmonton's IM Edward Porper, who drew his game with the highest rated player GM Alexei Shirov by perpetual check. Also tied is GM Mark Bluvshtein, Canada's Chess Player of the year 2009.

Saturday's round starts at 4:00 and then the final round starts on Sunday at noon. It will be a hard fought battle with over 200 players entered. The public is welcome to attend, watch, and event take pictures (no flash, and no SLR cameras after the first 10 minutes of the rounds).

You can also track the progress, and watch live games as the rounds are played at:
Canadian Chess Championship webpage

Photos - click on galleries to view thumbnails, click on thumbnails to see photos

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