Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sweet Serenity at the Haven

The first time I heard Jesse Dee sing Sweet Serenity, I loved the song and listened closely, trying to hear every word. The first time I pictured Jacquie B, she was hiding her hair and her face under a toque.

Last night everyone danced to Sweet Serenity, and many other original tunes from Jesse Dee and Jacquie B at the Haven, as they started their cross Canada Tour. It was a prom nite - Jacquie asked friends to dress up, and many did so. Jesse in a vest and hat, Jacquie in a dress and heels (well, cowboy boot heels), Pascal and Moses suited up as well (I didn't recognize Moses, nor Jesse when I first saw them in their fancy duds).

I arrived late, catching a bit of the last tune by opener Ory No'man, and enjoyed the witty jazz sounds of Heather Blush and the Upper Cuts while nursing my Trad.

Then Jesse and Jacquie got everyone on their feet. It is hard to sit still when they bring start moving. Jessie's tunes, Jacquie's harmonies - intelligent, musical, beautiful - have evolved to rhythmic, thumping, jumping dance music. This is a group to follow. Their music is growing and changing. Their confidence is growing and their performance skills are in tune. They reach out and grab the audience again and again.

The set was short,or maybe it just seemed short - everyone was moving so fast. It felt warm outside - ?October at 1:00 am? - maybe it was just the energy of the J team.

You can follow Jesse and Jacquie's across Canada at Highway Robbery Tour


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