Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2009_10_13 Everybody Goes to Mitzi's

Looking for an uplifting night out? Music, dance, drama? Some evenings, especially mid-week, I just want to have a good time. Everybody Goes to Mitzi's is a good time. It's local - Theatro La Quindicina written and performed, with many of our familiar friends - Jocelyn Ahlf, Andrew MacDonald-Smith, Ryan Parker, and of course Leona Brausen. She can light up any stage. We also have a new face - Robyn Wallis as 'Tippi Lala'.

The story is local too. It's in Edmonton, in golden age of dinner and dance supper clubs. eg, looking for an uplifting night out? Music, dance - social drama?

Of course the story is not all fun and games - "you can't have light without a dark to stick it into" (in the immortal words of Arlo). As the story unfolds, and Mitzi loses her betrothed to the lights of Las Vegas, and she descends into darkness and despair, but we know it will all work out in the end. We can easily guess what might happen next, as the story progresses - which makes the evening all the more pleasurable.

And it does. And it is. Mitzi's delivers. The music by Ryan Sigurdson, Tim Milligan and Toscha Turner is always present, but never intrusive. I stopped a few times during the action to listen to 'just the music'. Beautiful - and I could still hear all of the action. The lyrics were fun, interesting - witty and musical themselves. I must confess however, as I drove home, I could not remember a single tune, or phrase other than "everybody goes to Mitzi's". eg. the music was enjoyable, but nothing stood out.

The story seems very predictable, but when you get to the end, you might walk out without realizing that:
- the pretty young girl is still single
- the matriarch will never be a mother
- the life will go on, Mitzi's is trapped in time
- was that play really two hours long? time passed so quickly. (note for the unwary, Mitzi starts at 7:30).

But you will know that:
- you had a good time at Mitzi's!

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