Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009_04_15 Rubberband Wednesdays at Hulberts

Wednesdays... Midweek.... Evening comes and you are 'over the hump'. Time to PARTY! Why wait for the weekend, do it now!

Rubberband, Wednesdays at Hulberts is a party. Fun and games, singing, dancing, karaoke, trivia.. I arrived late, but the party was still going strong after 10:00 pm. Somehow, Rubberband stretched the closing time at Hulberts.

When is an open stage more than an open stage? When everyone gets into the act. Hulbert's owners were both hatted up and in full spirits - and I even caught one of them singing.

Wednesdays keep coming, and again, and again... check it out. You'll come away smiling.

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