Friday, April 10, 2009

Rhea's Birthday at Little Flower Open Stage - Fiddler's Roost

I had heard via Facebook that many would be celebrating Rhea March's birthday at the Little Flower's Wednesday night open stage. Wednesday was my first night back in town after almost a year of travelling around the province, country and continent, from Lethbridge and Saskatoon to Buenos Airies and Ottawa.. I made a point of dropping by - although I didn't stay too late -- still on Ottawa's time zone.

I was please to see many new faces, and lots of familiar old faces at Fiddler's Roost. Bernie has re-arranged some of the furniture since I was last there, creating some nice private spaces on one side, and a more open arrangement near the door. It also appears that the stage lighting is improved, making for nicer photos.

The music was eclectic, as always at Little Flower events. Blues, folk, vocals and instrumental. The evening moved slowly - people were visiting friends, exchanging hugs and gifts with Rhea. A very pleasent Wednesday evening, and only two bucks!

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Little Flower Open Stage
Fiddler's Roost

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