Saturday, April 11, 2009

Emma Cook, Kalsey Kulyk and Chloe Albert at the Blue Chair Cafe

Wednesday nights at the Blue Chair.. Harold serves up a mix of music and musicians. Relax, listen, meet friends and of course the food is great. Even if I do usually have rice and beans. Over time, I've sampled everything on the menu. On Wednesday the feature was rack of lamb... yummmy. And spicy carrot soup, and.... mulligatawny... but it's hard to have two favourite soups before dinner.

Emma Cook, Kalsey Kulyk and Chloe Albert - three young singer-songwriters, three cities and three unique sounds.

Chloe Albert (Edmonton) mixed it up with Honey Bee - trading the guitar for a drum accompaniment on Honey Bee. Chloe is one of those unfortunate artists affected by the 'local talent' syndrome. An artist has to work so much harder to be recognized in her home town. Chloe has a beautiful voice and interesting songs.

Newcomer Kalsey Kulyk (Beaumont) entertained us with songs and stories from her life and family. Kalsey is one of Rhea March's U22 singers - and Rhea has a way of finding, and supporting our emerging talents. Kalsey has a powerful voice and interesting lyrics.

Emma Cook (Ontario) had many of us discussing her voice and her songs - jazzy, with a hint of a young Joni Mitchell. Her voice leaps up and down the scales, from sultry to sailing. Emma is a singer I want to follow as her 'voice' grows and changes.

The Blue Chair is one of those places where you can meet the musicians, listen to their music and talk to them again in the break. My kind of place.

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