Friday, May 1, 2009

2009_04_30 Craig Korth and Friends at CKUA

CKUA, the best radio station in the known, and unknown universes, is currently running their spring fundraising campaign - and you truly never know what might happen next. Last night, Craig Korth brought a bunch of bluegrass buddies into a studio for some live-to-air music and (of course) pun-ishment.

Having visited the studio many times, I was having a hard time visualizing where they were all standing as I drove in to get some photos. And you can see why in the pictures. There is no space. Five musicians standing around a large mike in a studio/CD Library, Lionel Rault at the controls counting down, and let's GO!

David Ward took the bus up from Calgary to provide the vocals. Craig and Lionel exchanged plain (or was it plane) and fancy puns, and let loose with real 'live music' on the radio. The phone room was crowded with volunteers, staff, friends and family giving a listen. The musicians, all solid provided a 'professional' performance, 'off the cuff'. I head David musing earlier in the afternoon that he needed to learn the words to a new song, because they were performing it in the evening.

Have you made your donation to CKUA yet? CKUA is real radio, music provided by real music people, actually get to choose what they play. Radio worth paying for.

Call 1-800-494-2582 to donate, or go to thier website


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