Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jazz at the CopperPot: Dan Skakun Trio

There's a new jazz venue in town. After the closing of Four Rooms, the local restaurant jazz scene has moved over to the CopperPot. I'd heard about it in my travels, but didn't get a chance to visit until last Wednesday. Dropped by for dinner and jazz.

Parking can be a bit of a challenge as it is a busy area of one-way streets. However, without too much hassle, we found our way in and were seated near the music - after saying hello to many friends. hmmm... feels like home already.

The CopperPot sits on the edge of the river valley, a perfect place to watch sunsets as the seasons change. And the Dan Skakun trio, with Jim Head on guitar and Thom Golub on bass, provided a perfect auditory counterpoint to the view. The food was superb, although a tad more expensive than Four Rooms, and the service was excellent. Of course there is a bar, where you can have a drink and a listen if you don't feel like dining.

The CopperPot features jazz on Wednesday evenings. Check out their schedule. Upcoming shows include Jeff Hendrick, Charlie Austin, Chris Andrew and Don Berner.

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