Saturday, May 9, 2009

2009_05_08 The Haven Social Club

When the Haven opened a while ago, it wasn't long before I heard good things. But I did wonder. It's located out on Stony Plain Road and 150th, not in the downtown, nor Stratchona - where the arts thrive in Edmonton. The club is in a basement - but maybe that's a bit of a tradition for music clubs.

I dropped in last July and had a blast listening to Ken Stead and Mike Ehlers, with lots of friends.

I'm happpy to see that the haven has not only managed to keep alive, but has grown to be one of Edmonton's favorite music haunts, with scheduled shows ranging from up&comers like Joe Nolan, to Juno nominated Souljah Fyah.

Last night, a triple bill, with Matt Epp, Ann Vriend, and the Bop Ensemble. And there was lots of mixing and matching throughout the night. Wykham Porteous, of the Bop Ensemble was also the host and MC. Ann Vriend gave some keyboard support to Matt Epp, Bill Bourne gave some guitar support to Ann Vriend, and by the end of the evening, it seemed everyone had done something with everyone else. And of course there was even a bit of audience participation. To tell you the truth, even with picutres, I sort of lost track of 'who was on first'.

As I edited and posted photos today, Ann's "St. Paul" went viral on me, sticking in my head every time I saw her in a photo. I went over to the Bop Ensemble's web page to remind myself of the beautiful 'Green River Girl' and heard some interesting vocals from Jas that I hadn't heard last night - I missed the second set. Matt Epp got me thinking. Well written, interesting tunes, good stage presence and patter.

And of course there was Bill Bourne, with his guitar and sounding board. Smiling like that cheshire cat. I know Bill has been working with Wykham for a while - it's good to hear the results of that collaboration. A pleasant mix of folk, pop, and just plain good music, mixed up with Jasmine's stage antics, fun to listen and fun to watch as well. And Wykham Porteous, brilliant songwriter having a great time haming it up with the barefoot Jas.

I had planned to drop by some other venues later in the evening, but the Haven held me - the excellent house beer and salted nuts didn't hurt either.

The Haven
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