Monday, May 5, 2008

2008_04_18 Shelley Jones CD Release at the Yardbird Suite

When I came into the Yardbird Suite, I first heard the drums. I was struck by the power of Jamie Cooper, before I saw him. Then I heard voices. Female voices? Who is singing with Shelley Jones?

Edmonton jazz vocalist Shelley Jones was accompanied by Andrew Glover, John Taylor, Wes Yaciuk and Jamie Cooper, and also joined by Rhonda Withnell and Lenka Slaba. Shelley's music ranged from smooth jazz, thru pop and blues to Carnival Ole in Rio - one of my favorites. Rhonda and Lenka joined in some pieces and stepped back into the darkness on others. If often hear Shelley working with Andrew and Wes. It was a real pleasure to hear a few more voices.

Shelley picked up a guitar for a while, and gave us a bit of call and response with John Taylor on bass. I think Andrew persuaded her to take up the guitar on stage. She collaborated with him to write and produce the tunes on the CD.

You can hear more of Shelley at Jeffrey's Cafe on May 9th, and at Fresh Start Bistro on June 13th. Maybe I'll see you there.


Shelley's website

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