Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008_05_15 Jazz at Kit's on 16th - the manic thematic trio

Cindy Mcleod told be a few months ago that she was starting up some jazz on Thursday nights at Kit's on 16th. I arrived late on the 15th - after having a great dinner at Buon Giourno with family. Cindy was not there, but Mark D'Angelo gave me a friendly greeting.

I missed the manic thematic trio when they were in Edmonton, so it was nice to catch a bit of them at Kit's. On stage, Ralf Buschmeyer was leading with his guitar, supported by John Hyde on bass and Andy Ericson on drums. I always enjoy Ralf's smooth sound, and he is so hard working it seems I run into him every second time I'm down in Calgary -- and occasionally in Edmonton as well. Funnily enough I heard John Hyde the night before at Beat Niq's Swing Dance evening. As far as I know, I've only heard Andy once, when he played the 2006 C-Jazz festival with the Jeff Hendrick Group. He also works with a lot of other musicians in performanc and studio. The group was playing original music, but it sounded smooth and familiar - they were obviously having a good time as well. You can check out thier sound at CD Baby

Kit's jazz room is in the basement. A few weeks ago, I took in their Saturday afternoon Blues Jam - very loud! Jazz in the basement was much more 'listenable' - especially with this trio on deck.

If you're looking for a jazz fix on a weeknight, check out Kit's on 16th - downstairs, enter thru the back. You won't be sorry. Kit's on 16th website


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