Monday, May 19, 2008

Greg Cockerill and Pat Phillips at Earls on 16th

Live music at Earls? In Calgary? Who'da thunk it? We cruised into Earls and saw the flier advertising live music on Mondays. Hmm... I thought -- to bad it isn't Monday. We had just ordered our drinks when the distinctive sounds of live music came thru the din of workday done shooter contests. I guess it is Monday.

One of the booths was full of instruments and electronics. The music was well suited to a Calgary Earls. Guitar, drums, an occasional harmonica, vocals of mostly cover tunes. In the Early Mornin' Rain -- to I'm Still in Love With You. With two wide-screen tv's running behind, from football to wrestling -- seemed strangley normal for Calgary. A few customers were listening, but most seemed simply glad to be away from work on a long weekend.

One of the curious things I have noted about Calgary is the absence of children in 'public' places. Earls was full of 'twenty-somethings', not a single child and hardly anyone over 40. I felt a bit out of place. But the food was Earl's consistent. I generally have the Quesedillas - but decided on a burger this evening(with Stella of course). Excellent quality, consistent food and service -- and now, music on Mondays. Check it out.


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