Friday, May 23, 2008

2008_05_22 Lydia's in Saskatoon

I happened to be walking down Broadway, when I heard music. I have an ear for 'live music' and this was definately live - a keyboard. I turned and went up some stairs to a bar - Lydia's. No music. Then I heard it again, in a side door. Up another flight of stairs, and I saw Danielle French. hmm... Karen Kosowski was performing, Danielle and Rozalind MacPhail were waiting their turn. I snapped a few pics with my G9, and had to leave for a moment. I was back in 10 minutes. As I left, Danielle launched into her 'tribute to Tom Waits' tune, and it kept music in my head as I drove across town and back. When I got back, the same parking spot was still empty. I love Saskatoon!

Danielle, Rozalind and Karen are doing a cross country (well, Vancouver to Toronto anyway) tour. I had just happened on them by a fortunate chance. I managed to hear most of the (second?) set before they stopped to head off to Regina for a sleep before a performance in Winnipeg tomorrow.

Rozalind plays flute and guitar, and a strange computer beast - intersting sounds she gets from it. Karen on keyboards and vocals. Danielle on guitar and vocals. They took turns, with Rozalind often joining in with her flute to add some richness to their music.


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