Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2008_04_19 Drew and Lindsey at Hulbert's

Drew and Lindsey are having a good time. It shows in the pics - and in their music. If you want to have a great time, check them out. The music is fast paced, energetic. They are a well matched pair - playing off each other's strengths, working and playing music they love.

I've caught Drew and Lindsey a couple of times before. The first time, I thought "who are they and why haven't I heard them before". I've caught them a few times since and the energy is always there. Lindsey Walker sings - loud, soft, fast, slow, rhythm, beat, ballad. Drew Malcolm plays guitar - soft, loud, slow, fast, he puts energy into Lindsey's tunes. You need to experience them to see how well two talented musicians can perform together. Drew and Lindsey are GMCC graduates - but I think they'll always be 'students of music'. Trying new things, re-learning or re-working tunes they know. It shows in the music.

Watch out for them, and maybe I'll see you - because I'm watching for them too. Drew and Lindsey are also part of the group 'West of Winnipeg'. I've not caught West of Winnipeg live yet, but myspace shows a similar sound, a bit more rich - more instrumentation. Thier myspace says 'blues, classic rock, funk', but I've also heard Lindsey swing over to a jazz tune.

You can hear a bit of Drew and Lindsey at their MySpace


Hulbert's webspace

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