Friday, April 18, 2008

2008_03_30 Hulbert's Rocks

Rhea borrowed Robin Hunter's guitar to open with homemade apple pie - a la mode. Robin Hunter, featured artist, accompanied by John (Woody) Woroschuk, were up next with a beautiful woman and a drunk limo, and took us all the way to Route 66.

Rhea had advised me that a Armediate (a gift from God) would be rocking Hulbert's Open Stage on March 30th. Dallas 'God' Robinson, on guitar, hair and vocals, Byron Mayer on drums and Aaron Storr on guitar and vocals -- add up the ages of all three, still younger than me. But a lot more musical than I am. The place was rocking. Lots of friends and family were along to see their debut. They definitely have an energy, and a musically unique sound.

Then followed a long list of well known local musicians, and some new faces. Ariane Lemire gave us a French and English preview of her upcoming show. And promised to do something in Spanish soon. We had two ukulele performers in a row - Beth Portman gave us some scat - longing for your lovin. Jill'ah up next with her Gorill'ah (Jill Pollock- woke up Monday morning with the devil in her bed). Jaybird gave us all an Orange Balloon - "I love you orange balloon". Ariane Lemire gave us the sultry tune about liquorice and ashes. Newcomers: Mike searching for his mind - says he enjoyed losing it -- his second visit I think. Then Carla Guenette - her first performance at Hulbert's - gave us an her cappella tune about the best part of a relationship. The part 'before' you know each other. A beautiful tune, reminiscent of some Broadway show tunes. I love hearing new voices. Ray Johnston, hmmm.. another first time performer. Lots of energy. Tunes about change, and destiny. Then Rob Heath cooled us down and closed out the evening with ‘every silver lining has a cloud’. What a night.

I had to slip out for a few minutes - and missed hearing several performers. Rhea's stage is sooo busy, blink and you missed something. Hulbert's is the best place to be on Sunday night. Starts about 7:30, and finishes promptly at 10:00 pm. You will wonder where the time went.


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