Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kits on 16th in Calgary

I was down in Calgary to photograph the CKUA Blues Bash, and had a bit of time to visit Kit's on 16th. It was my first visit, having seen quite a bit on Facebook and other media. Saturday afternoon, Kit's hosts a Blues Jam. Be warned. This jam is not for the meek. It's more for 'those who drank too much on Friday night, and need to waste away a Saturday afternoon, getting ready to drink to much on Saturday night'. It is loud. The quality was good, once I got my earplugs in place. Conversation was at a minimum - even during breaks, because the place is noisy and the background music was, well, not background music.

So if you are looking for blues on a Saturday afternoon - this is exactly the place for you! Bill Dowey looks after the jam, starts around 3:00 if I remember correctly, and goes until later. It was crowded when I arrived, but I was told it got busy later.

The weather was fantastic, so there were lots of smokers out front enjoying the music and the sunshine. A steady flow in and out.

I ran into Cindy Mcleod at the CKUA Blues Dance party in Bowness - and she told me that the Jazz Jam on Thursdays is downstairs -- I have to get down to Calgary in mid-week to catch that show. Maybe next month.


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