Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dana Wylie CD Release at Velvet Underground

Long before Dana invited me to her CD release at the Velvet Underground, I had heard Mike Sadava raving about how good it is -- so I had to be there. Dana is in town for a show at the Mayfield, so we may get a few opportunities to listen to her over the next couple of months.

Most of the songs on the CD are by Dana - and she has a very interesting musical sense. Her performance partner, Jeremy Hellard is from England, and brings some traditional english tunes and sounds to their performance. Dana and Jeremy were joined by Cam Neufeld, Mike Sadava (hmmm...), Jason Kodie, Matthew Ord (one of those amazing musicians that is moving to? or passing thru, possibly because of the oil boom). The CD also features Scott Cook.

I first encountered Dana as an actress, and many years ago I saw her perform a Fringe play based on Edith Piaf. Funnily enough, one member of the Velvet Underground audience described Dana as a little sparrow - a small bird with a huge voice, a phrase used to describe Edith Piaf.

The Velvet Underground is, well... underground. More to the point, it is under the Starlight Room. And the booming base from above definately rocked the foundation at times. The service was friendly and the room is well suited to late night listening, with public tables in front of the stage, and more private booths on the side. This was my first time in the Velvet Underground.

The first set also featured some work by Matthew Ord, an amazing guitarist. Not sure how Dana linked up with him.

Musicians moved on and off the crowded stage throughout the show, giving us a variety of physical, as well as musical arrangements. I spent some time listening to the CD on Sunday and enjoyed it a lot. I need to put it in the car and let it run around a few times - that's how I get really familiar with an artist.

Dana Wylie photos

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