Monday, April 21, 2008

2008_04_21 Christmas with the Searchers at Festival Place

Marcia bought me tickets to the Searchers for Christmas - little did I know it would be a 'White Christmas' show. Passed several 'car accident leftovers' on the drive there, skidded past two turns in the snow. But we arrived, and home, safely. I didn't take my camera inside, so no photos. Sometimes, I like to just listen to the music.

I'd say the Searchers have been performing together for a while, although the 'new guy' drummer is only with the band for the past 10 years. Excellent stage show. Classic music. And a lot of music history.

Any history of music comes with a viewpoint - in this case, the viewpoint was the stories of the Searchers as they came to be a group, made some hits, and continue to make music today. There were lots of great tunes, including Ian Tyson's 'Four Strong Winds', which they recorded 'decades ago'. Lots of audience participation, in many ways, from singing, to waving to 'take as many flash pictures as you like -- makes us feel good'.

Of course the did Love Potion Number Nine, Sugar and Spice, Sweets for my Sweet and Needles and Pins. But also did tunes by Roy Orbison, Del Shannon and others. Old songs and new.

We bought tickets to a number of shows at Festival Place before moving to St Albert last fall - and it is still worth the drive. Friendly theatre - you can take your drinks to your seat. Sweets on sale if you rushed away from dinner to arrive at a 7:30 show.

Summer is coming - check out their patio series. I attended a few last summer and learned to get tickets early. Apparently a lot of people like to listen to music outside by the lake, while having a barbeque. It's on Wednesdays, so you can arrive early and check out the Farmer's market before the show starts.

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