Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2008_04_15 Memeza Africa at CBC Centre Stage

The place was packed! Sometimes the shows at CBC Centre stage are attended 'as people walk by at lunch'. But not today. I arrived shortly after 12 noon - and could hardly see the 'stage'. Memeza Africa wore colourful costumes, performed energetic dances, and sang beautiful, moving music accompanied by drum beats and gum boots.

Holly Wright joined in, adding a 'western dimension' to the music. She also gave explanations of how she met the musicians, the work they did together in Africa and how the came to be in Canada.

Memeza Africa is performing on Thursday at the Royal Alberta Museum, in support of Edzimkulu - althought we were told there were very few tickets left. I can see why.

CBC Centre stage is downtown in Edmonton Centre. The 'stage' is just outside of the CBC offices, and seating is installed for the crowd whenever there is a show. It's always a bit loose, generally a lunchtime presentation. And you usually have to listen to CBC in the morning to know if anything is happening, but you can find a schedule at:

CBC Centre Stage

Memeza Africa website
Edzimkulu website

photos of Memaza Africa with Holly Wright at CBC Centre Stage SLIDESHOW

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