Monday, April 21, 2008

2008_04_04 Peña de Bomba! returns to Blue Chair

On Friday, I talked to a co-worker about Peña de Bomba! at Blue Chair. She expressed interest in seeing the show - I advised her that it was probably sold out and she should phone ahead. Sold out? Sold mid-week. There were 30 people on the 'wait list' when I arrived for dinner. I booked several days in advance, and as I ate my dinner a constant stream of people tried to get a table at the Blue Chair - to no avail.

At the first Peña de Bomba! we had a small group of musicians. Tonight? Six band members from Edmonton an Calgary. Harold's stage only holds 5 - even that is tight. Chris Andrew, who was recently awarded the CBC Galaxy Rising Star award, had to perform on the side of the stage.

Pena is described by Mario as a 'party', 'gathering', with music. This was the second Peña de Bomba! at the Blue Chair -- and the word is out. Harold announced that the 'silence' signs were hidden away for this show, and everyone was encouraged to have a good time. We all had a good time, and great music.

Bomba! heads off on a European tour. April 22 at the 100 Club in London. Next Pena Bomba at the Blue Chair is May 31. Call now!


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