Friday, April 18, 2008

2008_03_30 Sunday Afternoon at Newcastle Pub

Every Sunday afternoon (about 3:30, plenty of time to get there after church) the weekend relaxes at Newcastle Pub. When I came in, Glenn Eilers was doing "Suzanne". He was encouraged to give us a couple more tunes while the next group was selected.

Newcastle Pub's open stage is run by David "Crawdad" Canterra and Bill "Willie" Engel. It has a country/blues musical flavour - but you never know who might show up, or what they might play. Actually, you never know what Willie might play in the introductory set - he seems to have a huge repetoire of songs. I have seen lots of rock and pop -- although never any jazz or hip-hop. It's music that Kokanee drinkers can relate to.

Glenn was replaced by a 5 person group, with harmonica, drums, guitar, bass and vocals, consisting of Crawdad on vocals and harmonica, Kelly Kipula - drums, John Peterson, Johnny Hewitt and Shane Lazarowich. If you want a lazy musical Sunday afternoon, drop by the Newcastle pub. Or, if you're a musician looking to exercise your axe - come on down and talk to Willie.


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