Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Edmonton Recorder Orchestra at St. Andrew's United Church

Churches are always wonderful places to listen to music. When Monica Chattaway said the Edmonton Recorder Orchestra was performing The Cries of London: Music from the Time of Shakespeare, I knew I had to be there to hear, and to see. When you put the a recorder orchestra in a church, in costumes from the 1600s, you step back in time.

The entire Recorder Orchestra dressed the part, in costumes of the period. A well lit church, with sunlight streaming in from the outside - transported us back in time.

The performance started with readings from Shakespeare by Edmonton's Poet Laureate, E. D. Blodgett. Then music by the recorder orchestra, including a short series of dances. It ended with 'Cries of London'. The orchestra playing, while members called out sounds of the streets and markets of London.

I was transported back in time. The music was beautiful and the performance flawless. I always enjoy hearing and seeing reminders that the past, even hundreds of years ago, is still with us today. Real people, real music, and a minimum of modern technology (my digital camera excluded).


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