Wednesday, February 13, 2008

8 Minutes of Peace on 08.08.08

The symbol 8 stands for infinity. All we are asking is a start. 8 minutes of peace. The second "8" concert for peace was on February 8th at Riverdale School. It featured Samantha Schultz, Michael Rault, Joe Nolan and Kaley Bird - the U-22 musicians. As well as Mike Ehlers, Jessica Heine, Darryl Matthews and Lynett McKell.

8 Also displayed works of art by members of Night of Artists, paintings, photos, etc. It was a cold night, and a warm crowd. With a slate of 8 'up and coming artists' the crowd was hearing many new voices. Samantha Schultz is still only 16, but she is getting more mature and polished every time I see her. Her voice is getting stronger and her stage presence more confident. Michael Rault's driving, rocking stage presence shook and exhilerated the audience. Joe Nolan took us from the introspective instrumental 'Blue Chair', to the social question "Is the world half asleep?" and Kaley Bird encouraged us to join in with our ham bone (coconut version).

This was the first time I enjoyed the music of Mike Ehlers and I loved the subtle guitar accompaniment he added to some of the other performers. Jessica Heine's Either Way CD has been getting play on CKUA. I love her "Funny how the Days Go By". It has a melody that flows like a brook. She was one of the performers at Edmonton's Folk Music Festival this summer - and I am sure we will see and hear more of her. Darryl Matthews' hammer on style gives intensity to everything he performs. And Lynette McKell. I've heard her often at local open stages - it was great to see and hear her in concert. She took us from Boat/Float, an upbeat love song, to a song so sad all the other performers and audience just stopped everything to listen. Lynett's emotion was stronger than any 'tasty guitar lick'.

photos . SLIDESHOW

Where am I going tonight?

Watch for the next "8" event on March 8th. To learn more, or help out with "8", contact Phil Alain
Peace be with you.

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