Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tim Williams at Blue Chair

As I stepped out of my car, I didn't hear any music. Maybe I was too late and the show was over? "Your're late," said Harold as I walked in the door, "But you're in luck - he's starting an encore." Tim gave a short introduction and started into 'New Babylon.' It's a song that grabs you by the scruff of the neck -- even more so with Tim's voice. You have to listen. Once the tune was over, many people came forward to talk to Tim, shake his hand, etc. One of the nice things about the Blue Chair concerts - you can easily meet the musicians.

Tim had three guitars on the stage, and it was clear that the crowd had enjoyed the show. Almost every seat was still full, that late at night. I have heard Tim play quite a few times and was sorry to have missed most of the show - but I can't hear everything.

I also missed Harold's food. I'll make up for it tonight (Valentines), we've booked the Blue Chair for dinner and jazz with Jim Findlay trio.

photos SLIDESHOW Tim's Website

Tim Williams with Georgette Fry at the Yardbird
Tim Williams at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival

The Blue Chair Cafe photos

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