Sunday, February 24, 2008

Marleigh & Mueller at Hulbert's

If you are thinking 'party', call Marleigh & Mueller! Their Valentines performance at Hulbert's drew the audience in, and helped them sing - on stage and off. Their boisterous stage presence, and muscial friends created a lively evening. Marleigh called up Byron Leffler to sing a few tunes. The song of the evening was his smooth "My funny Valentine".

After 25 years of singing together, Marleigh Rouault and Randy Mueller have it down. Their repetoire of show tunes and torch songs will make you feel like you are in the front row at a broadway performance - with lots of crowd interaction. Hulbert's provided the smooth red wine, smooth chocolate, while Marleigh and Mueller provided the smooth tunes - and hot torch tunes. Like a good mole - you never know what to expect next, smooth spicy and meaty. The joint was jumping. And the audience was howling.

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