Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jazzworks 2008

Jazzworks is a non-competitive band festival at the Yardbird Suite, and also making use of the Cosmopolitan Music Society rehearsal space. Bands from all around the province, and occasionally farther -- come to show off their talents and learn from professional adjudicators. In the evenings Jazzworks presents a performance of selected bands from the day's workshops. On the last evening, the adjudicators present a show for the participants.

Each band plays 3 tunes for the adjudicators, and then spends about an hour listening to comments, encouragement, etc. Jazzworks is non-competitive, and the organizers recognize that every band is at a different stage in their development, requiring different levels of advice and assistance.

The evening performances, held in the Yardbird Suite, are generally sold out with tickets to parents and friends of the band members. The Suite is an excellent venue for bands, and the new lobby area is put to use as large groups of musicians arrive, move to the stage, and back to the audience.

KUDOS to the Yardbird Suite, Joel Gray - the current Jazzworks Director (for a few years now), sponsors, organizers, the adjudicators and the volunteers who make this even possible. I know from many years experience that the organizers and adjudicators are very tired by the time it is over. Jazzworks always makes February a little more bearable.

I have been a volunteer at the Yardbird Suite for hmmm (don't actualy remember).... more than 15 years, and have followed and assisted in Jazzworks since it started. I have photographed the festival since 2003. You can see my photos at: Jazzworks

Jazzworks website
Yardbird Suite website

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