Saturday, February 16, 2008

Late Night at Four Rooms

After the music is gone from many Edmonton stages, you can slip over to Four Rooms for a jazz fix. It's a great place to wind down after a show at the Winspear, the Citadel, or even -- dinner at Four Rooms. I swung buy after photographing the '8 Concert for Peace', an catching the encore from Tim Williams at the Blue Chair.

Harpe Jazz was on a break when I arrived, giving me a few minutes to talk to Terry, Thom and Dan before they started up again. I've enjoyed their music many times before - but this time, I was struck by how much the harpe sounded like a piano. Never noticed that before. I stepped forward and watched Terry closely. He was immersed in the music and certainly not aware that I had somehow 'changed my perspective'.

Four Rooms is a great place for food, drinks and music. The sound is always great, excellent performers, and view is perfect. Light from the street highlights the musicians, occasional people peeking in thru the windows (I remember a 'moon' once), a relaxed atmosphere... you know you are 'there'. I'm happy that the 'no smoking' rules are in effect, but the cigar humidor is still in the corner for those who want to indulge - after they leave.
more Four Rooms photos

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