Saturday, February 2, 2008

Andrea storms the house at Jeffrey's

Andrea House

was an unplanned fill due to multiple bookings for members of The Fuzz. The crowd I talked to was pleasantly surprised to see someone 'fresh and new'. Although Andrea is not new to Edmonton by any means, many people in the audience had not experienced her whimisical brand of music. Of course she was, as always, fresh. The band, consisting of Chris Smith, Thom Golub, Bob Blair and drummer Duke Paetz put on an excellent show for a sold out crowd. Even in -30 snow, whenever one table emptied, more people came in.

Andrea was selling the last of her Heart's Hotel CD, in preparation for a new CD release -- and we heard many of the new, and some old tunes as well. I picked up one myself and listened to her on the long way home. I look forward to the new CD and the tune I call 'her Fado tune', which I missed last night by arriving late.

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Get out and enjoy some live music! It warms you up.

Pete Turland at the Blue Chair Cafe

with Chris Brzezicki and Kevin Lesmister rocked to a small crowd at the Blue Chair, where the cold weather continued to keep audiences small. A shame, there are lots of people out there who enjoy his music. I especially enjoy the tunes where Pete plays clean sharp rifs, without the fancy fuzz box stuff. Does my memory fail me, or did he actually play a Beatles tune in the first set?

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I always enjoy meeting and hearing new voices, and Lois Mullen -

Underneath the Fray at Hulbert's

was no exception. Again, a crowd shrunken by the cold listened as Lois moved from her own tunes through covers of Johnny Cash and others. At first I thought a woman singing a Cash tune would be a bit strange - but she chose well and delivered.

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