Sunday, February 10, 2008

CBC Centre Stage - Urban Spirits

On Friday CBC's Centre Stage 'Urban Spirits' featured Angela Gladue, Red Power Squad and Freshly Squeezed. I heard Angela on my way in to work in the morning and decided to drop by.
It was damn cold -- for some reason there is no parking downtown any more and I had to walk several blocks. But I arrived early enough to unfog my glasses and enjoy the show. Once the dancing started, things moved pretty fast. Back-flips without warning. This is not a sport for old men. The floor in Edmonton Centre is rock solid - and I am surpised there were no broken bones. Mixing urban smarts with hot hip-hop dance and intelligent rap - lunchtime went by pretty fast.

CBC Centre stage is a lunchtime enlightenment.Shows range from singer songwriters, to poetry festivals to dragon dance. What I like is the short introduction and the obviously unrehearsed show that generally follows.

CBC's Urban Spirits
Photos: Angela Gladue at CBC . SLIDESHOW
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