Sunday, February 24, 2008

Valentines at the Blue Chair with Jim Findlay

The Jim Findlay trio, with Mike Williams on bass and Cam Neufeld on fiddle is one of the regular Sunday morning brunch features at the Blue Chair. The music is interesting, but does not intrude - perfect for a romantic valentines dinner. The trio performs many jazz standards, in a light swing manouche, gypsy jazz style.

Listening to a unique style like this, I often play the 'name the tune' game with myself. I was tripping along, getting every tune, then, Jim baffled me with a bright, expressive guitar piece. I actually got up and walked over to see if I could read a title on the music sheet. "The light of day", Jim said quietly, not missing a beat, "one of my own compositions'. Quite a long piece, with an often changing mood if I remember correctly -- somewhat like the real light of day. I always enjoy hearing a musician perform their own.

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Michael said...

Thanks Tracy, I especially like the write up. I prefer the slide show to a gallery too, looks good. We're pretty serious looking when we play, hehe.