Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saoirse And Jordan at Second Cup Downtown

The Second Cup attached to the downtown library branch has an open stage every Tuesday evening, starting about 7:00 pm. Ron Taylor runs the stage and leads off. Ron is a strong folk musician, with a wide repetoire. This is an open stage for 'readers' and artists. You will often see people reading, drawing, knitting or whatever while they listen to the music.

Like most open stages, there are lots of regulars - Rob Heath, Farley Magee - but last Tuesday we had two new faces - new to me at least. I especiallly enjoyed heaing Saoirse and Jordan. Jordan has been out before, and he can be a bit restrained. Maybe Saoirse will help him to be more outgoing. It will be interesting to see what comes of this duo. Luke, also a new face, was reading Hemmingway before he gave us a few tunes -- he seems to fit right in.

If you are downtown on a Tuesday evening, drop by and catch a few tunes (and some coffee of course - I generally have decaff and a date square). And if you notice the photos on the wall - mine. Many were taken at the open stage -- the dance photos were taken in Sir Winston Churchill Square.


Second Cup photos

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