Thursday, February 28, 2008

Heather Blush at Blue Chair & Kaley Bird at Hulbert's

Heather Blush returned to the Blue Chair Cafe, with Shane (Canonball) Sutherland and Steve Hazlett. She was here in January 2007 Heather Blush and Erin Ross. I enjoyed hearing her perform with a group, as opposed to trading tunes with Erin. The crowd was clearly enjoying the music, as well as the break in Edmonton's winter weather. Lots of talking, imbibing, and interaction. I enjoyed the addition of bass and drums, giving the music more energy and complexity.

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After dinner at the Blue Chair, with a set of Heather Blush, I dropped by Hulbert's on my way home to hear a few tunes from Kaley Bird. Kaley is an up and coming Edmonton Singer songwriter, currently exploring different tunes, band configurations and venues. I've watched her grow in experience and confidence over the past year. She has some fun tunes, and I especially enjoyed her China tune (I think of it as the 'slow boat to china' tune).

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