Sunday, February 17, 2008

Drew and Lindsey

I've seen Drew Malcom and Lindsey Walker at open stages a few times - and I was glad to catch them in concert. They combine songs (often more than one at a time), vocals, and an interesting guitar line to produce music that is new and exciting. You can't be bored listening to these GMCC graduates, with lots of coffeehouse experience. Drew & Lindsey are a solid musical duo.

Lindsey's vocals have a lot of power - and Drew's guitar rises to the challenge. Together they are definatlely more than the sum of the individual musicians.

I caught them at Hulbert's where many of the acts are 'the best of' the Sunday Open Stage run by Rhea March. If you want to see the best before they 'break out', check out Sunday nights at Hulbert's.


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