Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Family Day at City Hall

City Hall is a brilliant stage. The light from above, the stairway, the size... It's like a city square - with balconys - inside the building. And we need a city square 'inside' for a lot of our year. Family day was not too cold, so we had activities inside - Cooper Studios was showcasing some of their singers, and outside, jugglers, skaters and a horse ride around City Hall.

Cooper Studios is a vocal performance career school. Five singers presented their talents to an appreciative audience seated on chairs and on the long staircase. Jack Cooper trains students in performance and gives them a place to perform. This time, there were no male performers, but last July Photos they also had a male performer. I enjoyed the vocals and the vocal variety and look forward to seeing more.

A juggler wandered around inside and outside, and a clown made balloons and 'accidental fire' to the delight of the young audience. The performances were loosley structured - perfect for groups spending some 'family time' together.
Cooper Studios Slideshow

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