Thursday, February 28, 2008

Marty Majorowicz Syndicate at Yardbird Suite Jam

Every Tuesday, you can get your Jazz fix for only $3.00 at the Yardbird Suite. And if you are a musician, you are welcome to sign up to play. But you'd better have the chops. These guys can be pretty intimidating if you are just a 'musician'.

The Jam sessions start with a one hour performance, at 9:00. Jamming starts at 10:00. Yardbird Jam has been a fixture for many years and is activley supported by local musicians, Grant MacEwan students, and often visited by touring musicians who happen to be in town. Hosting of the Jam can be a thankless job, currently looked after by Don Berner. Say thanks to Don next time you see him. He's been looking after this for a few years now. Don is also host of Time for Jazz on CKUA's Saturday afternoons.

Marty Marjorowicz is a solid jazz trombonist, with his syndicate, consisting of Tom King on piano, Darryl Meyer on drums and Joseph Lubinsky-Mast on bass. The place was starting to hum by 9:30 - at which time I unfortunately had to leave. Tuesdays are not usually a good night for stay out late.

You can catch more of Marty at Hulbert's on Saturday March 1 at 8:00 pm.

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