Friday, February 8, 2008

Hulbert's Open Stage - BEST!

Rhea March runs a tight ship. She has to. Last Sunday's open stage featured 20 different musicians, playing guitar, banjo, violin, keyboard, harmonica, drums, glockenspiel, saxophone, hambone - and of course vocalizing. Performing alone, in featured as well as pickup groups - moving smoothly on and off the stage.
Hulbert's Open stage happens on Sunday night and finishes promptly at 10. 'Are you doing an original?' she asks. If you don't perform your own music, she won't give you much time on stage. On the other hand, if you just happen to be in from down east - and performed last night at the Jubilee, the Winspear, etc - she will give you an extra tune or two.

But things move fast. The music is always excellent - and the atmosphere upbeat.
Rhea is a consomate open stage host. She welcomes, introduces and encourages every performer, customer, and even the staff throughout the evening. She starts with a full slate - if you want a spot on stage you may need to arrive very early and sign up. And she smooths over changes throughout the evening as people disappear, and arrive unexpectedly.

Get there early if you want a seat. Earlier if you are bringing friends and need a table. The place is always packed.

Hulbert's Open Stage on Feb 03 . SLIDESHOW
Hulbert's Open Stage series
Hear more of: Drew and Lindsey, Hulbert's on saturday. They had the open stage rocking.

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