Saturday, March 1, 2008

Not ready to Change - Story Slam at the Blue Chair

The third Wednesday of the month, the Bunker Projects presents a storytelling competition at the Blue Chair Cafe - the Story Slam. Feb 20 was the 2nd anniversary of Story Slam. The place was packed - and a good slate of story tellers, some old friends and some new faces.

Storytellers get 5 minutes - with a 5 second grace period. This time, I think the first three storys went overtime. You never know what to expect from the stories - or from the hosts. Except that Lisa will sing (unless she is telling a tale).

Stories are rated by the audience, which always results in some curious scoring and I'm sure many of the authors have their own theories about what might 'win'. Audience donations to the pot generally run between 250 and 350 dollars - and it all goes to the top story. There is no 'second place'.

Roxanne Felix has told many magical stories. Once I thought she had the prize stolen from her at the last minute. This evening she took it all, with an interesting tale about a woman 'not ready for a new perfume'. Amazing how such a simple concept can be developed into a complex story. Tyler Enfield told a magical tale of a couple (of birds if I remember correctly) who lost and then found each other. Jadon Rempel was at the top for a while with a story slam classic - tell a story about yourself, throw in a few raunchy references.

Susan Hagan hosted, but with Sam (her new baby) in hand, had a tag team support from Lisa, who promised, and then eventually did "I'm so glad we had this time together."

The skys put on a show as well - and slammers and audience members constantly wandered out to take a peek at the slow progress of the lunar eclipse.

Story Slam starts at 8, but you need to be there at 7 to sign up to tell a story, and earlier if you want to get dinner and a good seat. Be prepared to get into the act as an audience judge if you don't have a story to tell.

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