Monday, March 31, 2008

2008/03/28 Three Viewings at the Varscona

Shadow Theatre's 'Three Viewings' by Jeffrey Hatcher was an unexpected pleasure. I knew something of the theme before going in. And I'm quite familiar with the Varscona stage, and anyone who catches more than a few plays in Edmonton knows of Davina Stewart.

Dave Clarke played Emil, a funeral mortician, falling in love with one of the 'regular vultures' in attendance. With a strange, almost macabre result. Emil hovers and whispers 'I love you'. His quiet 'unobtrusive' hovering pervades the interludes between pieces. Mac (Davina) was a quirky, bisexual, hard driving rationalizing pre-grave robber. In and out, quick and clean - no missing fingers here. In the end she shows us that she does have a heart. Davina is so versatile - and this time I actually 'forgot' she was Davina during the play. Patricia Casey as Virginia, the helpless housewife, who is given a hand from beyond the grave. The last story lifted us back to life and the living.

I found the one-two-three format, with no intermission, a bit long. I suspect having an intermission creates logistical problems and Shadow Theatre decided on the longer format to simplify the organizing.

The Varscona Theater is a busy place. It is difficult to keep track of how many theatre groups use the Varscona, plus an occasional CD release, or other private event. And then there's the fundraisers, and of course The Fringe. I spend a lot of time at the Varscona. A friendly, volunteer run place.

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