Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tim Chesterton, Alex Boudreau and Carrie Hryniw at Blue Chair

Wednesdays at the Blue Chair Cafe often feature several singer songwriters. On February 27th we saw Tim Chesterton, Alex Boudreau and Carrie Hryniw.

The sound system at the Blue Chair has been upgraded over Christmas, and the sound board moved to the back. The result is better sound in the house. The Blue Chair may give you more insight into how music is made if you arrive for dinner - and the musicians arrive later. You get to watch, and hear the sound check.

The trio is an interesting superset: Tim often performs with Alex, and Alex often with Carrie. But they had never performed as a trio before. They were a well integrated group, trading tunes, and supporting each other on their own compositions. I also enjoyed 'Summertime' done by the trio. I'll always be a jazz fan -- especialy jazz vocals.

Tim brought along a copy of his new CD, and I got a chance to have a listen on the long drive back to St Albert. A mix of his own tunes, and many traditional tunes. Tim favour's traditional tunes that you might not hear anywere else, and does a good job on them.


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Tim Chesterton said...

Don't forget to mention that the CD has a great cover photo by your good self, Tracy!

Thanks for your kind words. The only thing I'd add is that for every CD I sell, $7 goes to Habitat for Humanity. Folks can find out about it by going to and following the links.