Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jim Guiboche at The Argyle Casino

Jim invited me over to the Argle Casino to catch some of the Sleepers, and of course I brought my camera. Casino security can be a bit 'touchy', so I made a point of going over and asking for permission to take some photos. It took a while, but eventually I got permission. "only a few, and just the band". No problem.

Jimmy had regulars Grant Stovel on drums and Chris Brzezicki on bass - with Alex Vargas singing. Scott McReady was playing the harmonica. When I came in, Hank Leonhardt was doing a few tunes - and I got a chance to listen, but no permission to photograph yet.

The Argyle Casino was packed - I had to park a quarter mile away. Busy place on a Friday night! Of course most of the customers were enjoying Jimmy's blues as 'backgound' to the ching-ching of machines. There was a small crowd of friends up near the stage, chatting and chillin'.


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