Monday, March 10, 2008

La Peña de Bomba! at the Blue Chair

La Peña, Mario explains is a party, or a gathering, usually musical. Bomba! is a latin group that often grows and shrinks to fit the stage, and accommodate the availability of different members. When Bomba! returned from Cuba, and brought back some friends, I think they had 8 musicians or maybe more. Harold's stage at the Blue Chair will only hold 4 comfortably. But, no matter how many members Bomba! brings to the show - they always bring a huge audience as well. La Peña de Bomba! was sold out. I'm glad I booked a table several days in advance.

La Peña de Bomba plans to visit the Blue Chair about once a month - and I would guess you will see variations in the membership. On Friday, Feb 29th we heard Mario Allende from Chile, Emilio Rios, Aldo Aguirre and Raul Gomez Tabera originally from Cuba. Bomba is split between Edmonton and Calgary, so the Blue Chair gigs give them a chance to get together as a group.

The music was Bomba! hot. Emilio sings with great passion. He even gave us a bit of a tune in Japanese - that he learned on tour. Even in Latino Japanese - he sings with great energy and emotion. Mario and Raulito on percussion - Bomba! has great rhythm. Aldo is one hot fiddler.

Watch for them again Friday, April 4th. You don't want to miss 'la peña'! Advance booking definitely recommended.

Blue Chair website
Bomba! website

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