Thursday, March 27, 2008

Madly, Gloriously, Deeply in Love - Story Slam at Blue Chair

Story Slam at the Blue Chair. Sign up at 7, stories start at 8. No story -- good, we need people to be judges. Make your donation, winner takes all. No second place here. The third Wednesday of every month storytellers take over at the Blue Chair. many of the competitors are accomplished, or working writers. There are always new faces.

Roxanne Felix won, finally, last month. I guess that's how Susan talked her into hosting. She even managed to keep Lisa at bay. Well done. Of course this gave Susan Hagan, one of the organizers - a chance to tell her tale of giving up smoking, and blaming everyone else. Then JP gave us a tale of a poet, a scientist, musician, silent observer, statistician, trapped in time. Because I'm taking pictures, I often find JP's items difficult to follow. This time he worked in enough repition to keep me in synch. Renee was up next. New to Story Slam I think. An intereting tale with a twisted sense of time and place. I talked to her afterwards, and she was experimenting with different ways to tell a tale.

A break - usually after 5 stories, but today we did not have a full slate. Very unusual, the winnings almost always top $300, bringing out lots of competitors. After the break, and old hand and previous winner Mark Nixon took the lead with his 'new boss', explaining why nobody gives a damn about the work, as long as you make it look good. Unseen, unread, ignored and wasted. Then Terrance Harding, another newcomer, told us about his failed love and his bittersweet (or was it just bitter) wishes for her success. Taking final marks, and all the money. See you next month.


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