Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rubim, Chris and Tyler at Four Rooms

After a smoking performance by Bomba! at the Blue Chair, I was ready for some cool jazz at Four Rooms. Tyler Hornby was in town, drumming with Chris Andrew and Rubim de Toledo. Four Rooms cover charge is often only $5.00 - and although it can be hard to find a seat, there is usually room later in the evening. Four Rooms is also easy on the eyes. The light from the window often helps me to create some fantastic photos.

This configuration was the 'Rubim de Toledo Jazz Trio'. The truth is that all three of these guys can lead and play with the best. And they were laying down a smooth jazz groove together.


Tyler Hornby website
Chris Andrew website
Tyler Hornby website

ps. I was in Four Rooms for a few minutes the next night, when a young couple came in, looked quickly around, she quietly said 'I thought he'd be here.' She was looking for Tyler - not realizing that the Rubim Trio was Thursday and Friday - but not on Saturday night.

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