Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Leonard Cohen at Hulberts Open Stage

With Cohen in the news, I seem to hear his songs everywhere... And maybe someday at Hulbert's open stage --- but only if he actually shows up. Hulbert's open stage is unique, because they podcast, artist can only do their own songs. So Cohen can do Cohen.

Don't think this creates a scarcity of music - much the contrary. With Edmonton's hot economy - we have many musicians passing thru, or coming here for 'day jobs'. And it doesn't take long for them to find Hulbert's open stage, and Rhea March's open welcome.

On March 16, we saw some old friends with new tunes, including Carla Anderson, Joe Nolan and Ken Stead - and made some new friends Mike Magaw, Kerry Krishna, OJ and the very young, budding songwriter Megan. And of course, as always, many others. And tonight I saw Brad Hardstaff sharing his percussion sounds - and beautiful drums, with several of the performers. Rhea is always managing a rapidly changing list as the night passes. The open stage closes early - 10:00 but having to go to work early on Monday, I don't often manage to stay for the entire show.


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