Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saten's eggs match iSoul's energy at Hulbert's

Jill Pollock is a devil in she 'eps clothing. An innocent looking girl with a ukulele singing songs from Sampson to Saten. Later, iSoul takes over one entire side of the cafe, expanding the definition of 'open stage' considerably, with a six string bass, drums, percussion, keyboard, two guitars and a very energetic vocalist - 7 musicians in all. Friends invite friends, creating new groups, new music. Solo, duo, trio, ... septet?

Dave Martin is in town for the Teacher's convention, bringing his bottles in one bag, guitar in the other? Ron Taylor, who runs an open stage downtown on Tuesdays - drops in for a couple of tunes, to show off his new frames. Joe Nolan sings something new, and the crowd wants 'half asleep'. Jim Malmberg swings by from the back porch. It's Chris' birthday. It's Hulbert's Open Stage.

Hulbert's podcasts their open stage, so if you missed it, or if you can't remember and want to hear 'what did Ariane Lemire sing?', surf to: Hulbert's. It's happening every Sunday night, but don't worry if you to work on Monday - it always shuts down by 10:00 pm.

Rhea March runs this open stage, the most 'unique' in town. Because the music is Podcast, musicians must play their own tunes, and not break copyright regulations. The result is an open stage that is always breaking new ground. Every Sunday I seem to meet someone(s) I have never seen (heard) before.

Feb 24th featured more than 20 musicians including: Rhea March, Laurel McClure, Jon Lindley, Ron Taylor, Dave Martin, Robin Walters, Jill Pollock, Ariane Lemire, Phil Jones, Jim Malmberg, Robby, iSoul feat. Jody, Rick Garvin w/ Chad Clark, Joe Nolan, Pam Drover & Clint Drover w/ Megan Walsh. Rob Heath often arrives late and plays last. This time we got an extra - with Daryl Matthews' trademark pounding on his guitar body and neck.


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