Saturday, March 29, 2008

Prairie Pilgrims at Hulbert's

When I saw Prairie Pilgrims listed for Hulbert's, I wondered who that was? When I met them on the stairway (sort of Hulbert's 'green room') I found I knew them all. Logan Sarchfield, Hannah Goa, Sue Decker and Ron Mercer, put them together and you have Prairie Pilgrims.

The music, arrangemnts and instrumentation was varied. Hannah and Sue on multiple instruments, vocals. Logan singing 'Moondance', with Hannah doing a bit of a solo on violin. Sue moving to the drum set. An 'instrument exchange' with appreciative the audience -the place was packed. Hannah and Sue join in harmony for Blue Stone Mountain. Unfortunately, I had to run. This is the kind of music I love to hear when I can lean back, listen, and slowly sip my Hoegaarden.


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